About Us


Worker or tourist? Why not the two of them ?

Founded by A & G-Thiant Services

WORKIST (Worker and Tourist)

is a International NetWork for development relationship between the Professionals and Companies.


Our mission is to enable millions of workers can find a second wind in their career development. Many prefer a static job and leaves next to their dream trip or separated from their roots, their families and their friends for very long periods. This in an undeniable effect on performance and motivation. They come to work by obligation, not by choice or pleasure. We want to break this dynamic. The richness and cultural diversity brings to a country, a region, a city and a significant added value company. Indeed, new ideas, new ways of working and a new professional approach will allow companies to garner international expertise and increase the diversity of its services. It is a sharing of knowledge and skills necessary for the evolution of a company. By using this workforce, a company can diversify its expertise in adding value to its clients over the economy over expenses and employee benefits will generate more cash for investments.

In summary, this concept fits perfectly for those wishing missions:
-temporary or permanent work
-Remote work
-Bénévole (For an NGO or association)