Worker and Tourist


Local experience is not enough !! Make enhance your international career thanks to the experience obtained in another country. Enjoy Tourism and review of friends and family around the world. Traveling as a worker, volunteer, intern, student or other …


All organizations, Post your missions (jobs, internships, volunteer, humanitarian, education and others …). Build brand awareness and visibility internationally. Take advantage of the expertise of different profiles and cultures from around the world. Diversify your services and added value.


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Benefits for Professionnals

To recognize his expertise internationally. Work with pleasure to discover a new city, a new area, a new province, a new continent and a new country. Decide its mission choosing traveling, touring or working remotely.

Benefits for Companies

The richness and cultural diversity brings to a country, a region, a city and an organization more earned significant. Indeed, new ideas, new ways of working and a new professional approach will garner international expertise and increase the diversity of its services. It is a sharing of knowledge and skills necessary for the development of organizations.

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